Real Estate Law

  • Deeds, Notes, Deeds of Trust
  • Drafting of Earnest Money Contracts to allow clients to have enforceable rights to buy property of a land owner or to sell client's property to prospective purchaser
  • Planning for construction of property for residential or commercial purposes with purpose of explaining and helping client avoid imposition of mechanic's liens by unpaid suppliers and sub contractors
  • Litigation between owners of property regarding mechanic's liens, bonds to protect owners and subcontractors against defaults in payments by owner or general contractors
  • Partition suits between owners of jointly owned property

The real estate practice for families often involves the drafting or reviewing of Earnest Money Contracts and the preparation of Deeds, Notes, and Deeds of Trust to carry into effect the agreement between the buyer and the seller of real estate. The attorneys at Schmidt and Wenzel, P.C. have a long history of being engaged in the normal conveyances which you and your family will confront. The attorneys at Schmidt and Wenzel, P.C. stand ready to assist you in investigating, researching (when necessary), and solving the many issues which confront the owner, seller, or purchaser of residential or commercial real estate in the State of Texas.

With respect to mechanic's and materialman's liens, each supplier of material and each laborer who labors to improve the property of an owner, is entitled to enforce a mechanic's lien if the supplier/laborer is not paid for the goods and services supplied in making the improvements on the owner's property. The Firm of Schmidt and Wenzel, P.C. is well versed in enforcing mechanic's lien rights, especially of suppliers, and advising owners of their responsibilities, duties, and potential liability for not following the mechanic's lien laws of the State of Texas. If you are building a home, either in your capacity as the owner or as a workman providing labor and materials for the construction of the improvements which will become someone else's home, you have rights, duties, and responsibilities which the attorneys at the Firm of Schmidt and Wenzel, P.C. are ready, willing, and able to advise you about.

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