Family Law

  • Representation of clients during original divorce proceeding
  • Custody and support of the children
  • Division of the marital estate
  • Modification of existing divorce decree
  • Change in child support
  • Change in custody and/or visitation schedule
  • Geographic restrictions
  • Establishment of schools
  • Divorce is life changing. Our firm handles cases ranging from simple divorce agreements to complicated business and property division and custody disputes. While it is true that family law in Texas is heavily statutory, judges have tremendous discretion deciding who will have custody of the children and what a fair and equitable division of the marital estate will be. Having a competent and experienced attorney who knows the information the judge wants and how to present their client's side of the story is important.

    Often, the lives of clients who have already been through a divorce has changed. These changes vary from a new job opportunity, loss of a job, a request for custody of children, lifting or placing a geographic restriction, increasing or decreasing child support. Unless you obtain an order from the court, your divorce decree is still the order that is going to prevail. In these situations, we seek to modify your divorce decree so that it more appropriately fits your life as it is today, rather than years ago.

    Simply because you have a divorce decree does not mean that your ex-spouse will by abide by the divorce decree. The ex-spouse may not honor their child support obligation or does not return the children from visitation promptly. In these instances, we seek to enforce your divorce decree to obtain an additional order which can include jail if the ex-spouse does not comply with the court order.

    It is important to understand when your situation involves children they should be the center of your attention and be most the important people in this process. Our firm places an emphasis on making this transition as smooth as possible for the children.

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